News 2004

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Date Domain Message 06_26_00
18-12-2004 Off Topic Giving the first LoFi-Party
12-12-2004 Mobile Posting of mobile phone photo by MMS directly in the chat
30-09-2004 Internet/Mobile New sorting of the List simplifies reading of the postings
17-09-2004 Internet/Mobile LoFi now also in english
12-09-2004 Internet News-Site integrated, informs about innovations
11-09-2004 Internet New layout of the LoFi list and display of posting counts
08-09-2004 Internet Automatic actualization of the LoFi list with a interval control
06-09-2004 Internet/Mobile Text und help formulated
05-09-2004 Internet/Mobile Default-Smilies integrated
11-06-2004 Internet Entering of long text
10-06-2004 Internet/Mobile Adding of pictures with special tags now possible
06-06-2004 Internet Automatic recognition and production of entered links
30-05-2004 Internet Site without frames developed
25-05-2004 Internet Sample site for mobile phone and internet added
21-05-2004 Mobile First complete WAP project of LoFi goes online
18-05-2004 Internet New text formulated
31-03-2004 Internet Visitor counter added
20-03-2004 Internet/Mobile Domain registered
05-03-2004 Mobile Special character over WAP now possible
25-02-2004 Internet/Mobile First version of LoFi goes online
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