FAQ - Web Chat

How can i send email files in the chat?
How can i post a mobile phone photo in the chat?
Can i store the link in the mobile phone without typing the URL?
Which functions can i use in the chat?
How can i insert pictures?
How do i have to configure my mobile phone

Which functions can i use in the chat?

Chat actions


Click on this link if you want to load the list at once. Otherwise the list will be requested automatically, as soon as the countdown reach 00:00.
When you start typing text in the input field the countdown will be stopped. So you will have enough time to finish your writing.


You can choose interval steps, which define how long the countdown will run, until the list will be automatically requested. Click to step 0 definies the lowest time (30 seconds).


The arrow buttons change the sorting of the web chat. If you get in later its possible that yout have to read much Postings. Change sorting to ascending, so you can read the postings in correct order.

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