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How can i send email files in the chat?
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How can i send a email file into the chat?

You can send any kind of file (pictures, documents, ...) directly into a chat room.
There for you must know the room number, which you can find at the end of the url.
URL: /chat/TestRoom-00002 => RoomNumber: 2


Use the following settings to send an email with attachment into the chat TestRoom.
Email address:
Subject: name (2-20 character)
Message: text
Attachment: files
Store the email address of your favorite chat room in your address book.


Your text and files will appear in a minute in the chat.
You do not get any success or error messages.
If you want to see it go back into the chat with your browser.


Do not post any porno graphic picture to our site!


The message will be automatically skipped if:
- room number is wrong
- text contains words which are on the black list
- mail contains links which are on the black list

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