FAQ - Chat Homepage

How can i send email files in the chat?
How can i post a mobile phone photo in the chat?
Can i store the link in the mobile phone without typing the URL?
Which functions can i use in the chat?
How can i insert pictures?
How do i have to configure my mobile phone

Can i include the chat in my own homepage?

You only copy 3 code lines in your HTML site and you get the chat on your homepage. The address field of the browser displays always the URL of your own site. Its also possible to post with the mobile phone in the chat, when its integrated in your web site.

The layout of the chat list can be designed absolut independently by using one of the following variants:


Choose a layout from one of the precasted skins.


Create from a CSS draft an own design, which is completly adjusted to your homepage.

The file hijack.zip contains a detailed tutorial with explanations and examples.

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